Salon Covid Policies


There will be hand sanitizers an entry at the reception at all the stations and in the toilet area;
We have undertaken a thorough review of our salon on the services we offer;
We have placed a protective screen at our reception area to adhere to social distance guidance;
The Salon has had a deep clean before reopening;
All surfaces throughout the salon will be cleaned regularly and white with the appropriate cleaning product between each treatment and sanitized;
All salon equipment will be cleaned before and after every treatment including all metal instruments scissors brushes bowls Clippers Combs etc;
Disposable gowns will be used where necessary;
All towels and gowns will be washed after every use on 60-degree wash in the washing machine in our solo;
We will ensure adequate ventilation in the salon;
All the staff have been briefed and trained on the new regulations;
We also have rearranged the salon to allow 2-meter rule between sections;
Staff rosters have been reorganized to maintain one to one service for the foreseeable future;
Your regular stylist may not be available on your regular working day pre COVID19, however, we will do our absolute best to accommodate you with your preference going forward


We are all anxious to resume normal life and enjoy looking and feeling better while our protocols and policies seem very formal and sound intrusive it is our goal to protect you and make your visit a safe and enjoyable experience.

What to expect

• all bookings will be by phone only our online booking system will be disabled until further notice We have a waiting list to work through so Please be patient regarding appointments as there will be less traffic in the salon

• Do not attend the salon if unwell please give us as much notice as possible and inform u if you have had COVID-19 or tested positive for it

• Arrive for appointment alone due to the strict social distancing limits the number of persons that will be in the salon we are unable to cater for friends sitting and waiting for you including children

• we have removed all magazines but please free to bring an iPad or phone to browse

• Bring as little as possible to your visit to avoid cross contamination

• there will be no tea or coffee served at this time

• please arrive on time for your appointment we will ask you to stay outside I will phone you when it is safe to come in do not arrive late or your appointment will be lost

• If you feel unwell before your appointment or if there is anyone in your household on well, please contact us to rearrange do not come to the salon we can rearrange your appointment for you

• masks will be worn for the duration of your service if you do not have a mask You can purchase one in salon but we advise you not to use your own mask so if on arrival please replace with mask from salon

• Please wash your hands on arrival or use our sanitizers provided and avoid moving around the salon unnecessarily

• Your temperature will be taken with a digital thermometer on arrival adult average body temperature ranges from 36.1 to 37.2 any temperature above this range with the result in your appointment being cancelled he would be advised to consult your doctor

• Please avoid resting bags Coats etc on our workstations please hang up

• If possible, please pay by card or bank transfer or PayPal to pay for your service we will accept cash also and our card machine will be wiped and sanitized after every use

• We can’t wait to see you all again but unfortunately, we cannot shake hands or hug at this time

• Please do not wear gloves to our salon gloves carry germs no exceptions All clients will require a skin test at least 48 hours before Their colour appointments We will organize that when we are booking your appointment Thank you for your patience please contact me directly if you have any private worries or questions at [email protected] Do not come to the salon if you or anyone you live with is self-isolating or is displaying symptoms known to be consistent with COVID-19 Tangles hair design are committed to the health and safety our staff our clients and ourselves